Hv & LV Services

The integrity of any electrical installation once established cannot simply be taken for granted.
Every electrical system, no matter how good the initial installation, undergoes changes and deterioration throughout its lifetime.
In many cases these changes are not formally planned and managed, and their cumulative effect on the overall installation can give rise to problems.
Central Services are able to offer customers an ongoing maintenance program with routine servicing and call out facility.
Central Services has a qualified crew of HV technicians with fully equipped service vehicles Central Services can tailor a comprehensive asset management and maintenance system to maximise productivity and reduce down time.

HV Transformer Maintenance
  • °Switchyard Housekeeping
  • °Transformer External Repairs inc. surface remediation
  • °Oil Filtration and Dielectric Testing
  • °Gasket Replacement
  • °Bushing Replacement
  • °Tap Changer Clean, Inspection and Repair (if necessary)
  • °Buckholtz Relay Clean, Inspection and Repair (if necessary)
  • °Conservator Inspection, Clean and Repair (if necessary)
  • °Cooling System Clean, Inspection and Repair (if necessary)
  • °Check Primary and Secondary Connections
  • °Earthing and Bonding
  • °Phase Angle Deviation

HV & LV Switchboard Substation Maintenance inc. Generators
  • °Enclosure Inspection inc. Thermographic Scan
  • °Circuit Breaker Operational inspection, clean and lubrication to manufacturers specifications
  • °Connection inspection, retighten & re-terminate (if necessary)
  • °Shutdown Maintenance
  • °Check gas pressure and oil level

Testing and Calibration of Mobile Safety Equipment
  • °Including EWP's
  • °Link Sticks
  • °Safety Mats / Mobile and Safety Equipment